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See first hand how ChaletManager can work for your chalet business with our free trial. Our interactive version of our 'Red' level means that you can try every feature available within ChaletManager. What are you waiting for?....

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*What do I get in this package?
*What do I get in this package?
*What do I get in this package?
Launching soon

  GreenGreen BlueBlue RedRed
Summary Yes Yes Yes
Bookings Yes Yes Yes
Enquiries Yes Yes Yes
Alerts Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited users Yes Yes Yes
Guests Yes Duplicate guests Guest relationships
Reports Yes Save reports Share reports
MyBooking Send messages only Multi-language Accept payments
Guests can add / edit
Live availability calendar Prices only Live availability displayed Can override specific week availability
Childcare No Yes Yes
Directory No Yes Yes
Agencies No No Yes
ATOL certificates No No Yes
Chalet maintenance No No Yes
Integrations No No Yes
Online booking No No Yes
Suppliers No No Yes
Audit logs kept for 6 months 1 year 3 years