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An introduction to the Red package.

Our Red package is the complete system to help control and manage your chalet business. Extra features such as online booking and payments, chalet maintenance, integrations with transfer companies and ski accommodation sites are just a few of the exclusive red features. Ideal package for any sized chalet company that wants to utilise the extra features and have complete control.

  GreenGreen BlueBlue RedRed BlackBlack
Summary Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bookings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enquiries Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alerts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited users Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guests Yes Duplicate guests Guest relationships Yes
Reports Yes Save reports Share reports Yes
MyBooking Send messages only Multi-language Accept payments
Guests can add / edit
Live availability calendar Prices only Live availability displayed Can override specific week availability Yes
Childcare No Yes Yes Yes
Directory No Yes Yes Yes
Agencies No No Yes Yes
ATOL certificates No No Yes Yes
Chalet maintenance No No Yes Yes
External integrations No No Yes Yes
Online booking No No Yes Yes
Suppliers No No Yes Yes
API No No No Yes
Linen No No No Coming soon
Payment requests No No No Coming soon
Audit logs kept for 6 months 1 year 3 years 10 years